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So... they offered Andy the job! In Scranton. Where we have been trying to get to for... years. And he finally got a job offer. It's almost unbelievable.

He got the soft offer the Monday after the interview. He had another interview for the state (so could potentially get contacted by other state agencies at any time) and then a meeting with the Dept. of Labor and Industry chief counsel, at which point they essentially made the hard offer. He doesn't have anything in writing yet but the chief counsel was talking about when Andy would start and wanting to send him to a conference, so... they're pretty much planning on him it seems like!

It's going to be a pay cut. A pretty significant one. And by that I mean, huge. But the cost of living will be lower and even though things will probably be pretty tight, we think it's going to be worth it. Worth it to get back to PA. Worth it to be back to a more rural area. Worth it to be closer to family. In a better school district.

The insurance is... complicated. Much like this interview process has been. But he'd start with 14 days vacation, which is better than we thought at first, and he's going to negotiate to see if he can get a better salary or a review for salary increase after a few months. Basically just to see if we can make the deal better for us since we're losing salary AND needing to relocate.

We're thinking we'd like to buy a house. That would probably be best for us financially when looking at house prices vs. renting but we'll have to see how all of that plays out.

But... yeah... looks like we should start packing!

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