Apr. 27th, 2017 02:50 pm
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Have any of you ever used PODS (or something similar) to move?

I don't think we can afford an official moving company where they come and do everything but something like PODS where they drop off the containers, you fill them, and then they pick them up and haul them seems more affordable or more our speed. Otherwise, we're likely doing everything ourselves and that sounds so, so, so stressful. We've done it a few times but never with kids. The kids add a whole new element. Plus, we're going much further this time and I can't ride for any longer than an hour, so I'm like the worst person to have on trips like that, particularly if you have to make multiple trips. The kids and I will make the trip once and whatever else has to happen... well, we'll figure it out.

We've been looking at houses online. We have to get the official offer from the job and then I guess we can apply for a mortgage. I am kind of nervous to be buying a house again. It's the best bet looking at mortgage costs vs. rent and we do plan on staying indefinitely but... after everything that happened in Carlisle... I am so scarred.

But so far things have been going well and all lights are green and things seem to be happening in our favor, so I am going to just roll with it!
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