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Pennsic Wars XXXVII is over. Andy and I had a great time at Pennsic, as usual.

Some highlights:
- Spending great time with friends who we don't get to see enough. I love the members of our household, even if we can all be a little moody at times. We have some great times full of laughter.
- Eating smores around a campfire. Making smores with friends who are your chosen family is one of the best things ever.
- Living in a community of SCA-dians for a little while. A group of SCA-dians are almost always very friendly, helpful and welcoming.
- A canvas tent and camp bed. These things made camping so much better, canvas tents are totally the way to go. SO much better than nylon. And I am so glad we didn't have to sleep on the ground. It did rain a couple of times over our Pennsic but our tent stayed perfectly dry. So worth the expense.
- Merc party at The Norselands. Partying with a bunch of mercenaries is bound to be entertaining. It was worth going if only for the bartender. He was funny as hell.
- Andy's first Pennsic as a fighter. He did great and received a number of compliments on his hole-making ability.
- Our fighters getting a lot of recognition for their abilities. Of course, you get some notarity for having a fighter in a wheelchair but everyone was noticed.
- Waterbearing was... not as enjoyable this year due to all the restrictions they placed on us. However, Nissan proposed to [livejournal.com profile] mirroreyes and I had someone call me a glorious creature and another fighter claim that I must be Athena. (People trapped in armor on a hot day are very grateful for water/gatorade).
- Excellent vendors and foods. I got myself an inkle loom (Yay!) and Andy bought me some brooches to wear with my viking apron dresses (Double yay!).
- Interesting classes. I went to one on steaming bread and another on weaving.
- Inducting new members into our household. Ally, Ryan, Steph and Sparky. Our household is really growing.
- Making plans to get a kit together and become a fighter myself.

It's nice to be back home and it was great to take an actual shower (we've been literally shower out of a hose). I missed the puppies and kitties so much. I have been cuddling them all day. Andy and I slept in today, I got my hair trimmed, we picked up some groceries and now we are just relaxing on the couch. I am going to dye my hair later.

I will post pictures as soon as I unearth my camera.
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I'm not dead.

I am glad it is nearly the weekend.

I have been kicking ass and taking names when it comes to sewing for Pennsic. I may actually look like a proper viking for the majority of the time. (Or as proper as Pennsic vikings are... which isn't very, it's just too damn hot to wear layers of clothes. Besides I'm completely improper anyway, odds are I would have been back then too. I just would have been punished for it.)

Speaking of sewing, apparently I may poke my nose into the upholstering arena and see what I can do about redoing a seat cover for a street bike (crotch rocket). Perhaps my calling is really in auto and motorcycle upholstery.

Work is going okay. I tried to tackle the afternoon alone on commercial. Dan played a practical joke on me because I'm still new and don't know anything. I had to hound Ken for help all the time but I did manage to get things done (though I didn't get to leave early because 2:30-4:30 p.m. was crazy). I didn't have a ton of calls but I had a few with some complicated requests that kept me busy. But I think, in the end, everything was okay. And I didn't burn the store down. Dan is really nice and I feel like I could call him for help with anything (he's in commercial at a neighboring store). I thanked Ken profusely before I left tonight and apologized for being a pain. He swore at me and asked me what I expected after a week there, perfection? I am on commercial tomorrow by myself all day. I am worried. Mostly because Ken won't be there. I'll be stuck with Ray (the store manager), old man Dan (my driver) and HeeHaw (yet another Dan but redneck does not even come close to describing this boy). I could always call Dan from the other store though, and I expect he'll call me a few times throughout the day to see how I am doing and offer his help.

Apparently Verizon changed their new every two deal and now one can only get $50 towards a new phone but you can get that after 20 months instead of 24? They just didn't bother to tell people about this, I guess. Lame. But it does mean that I could go get a new phone now instead of waiting until October, which is cool. It just sucks that I only have a $50 credit to do so. I'm not sure how their online deals differ from their in-store deals but phones that are in my price range (besides another Chocolate, which I am not sure I want) are the Juke, the Moto and the VX9400. I'd like the EnV2 but I don't necessarily have $50 to put towards a phone. What to do, what to do.


Jul. 20th, 2008 10:49 pm
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My cell phone (LG Chocolate) has slowly been sucking out more and more lately. The battery has just stopped holding a charge. One short call completely drains it. My New in Two dealie comes around in October, so I'll be able to get a new phone then (Verizon has a deal where you get $100 towards a new phone every 2 years.). But until then I have transfered my number to another older phone that we had. This one is one of my mom's old phones that she didn't use for long at all. And it has a car charger, which I didn't have for the chocolate. Unfortunately, I can't use my blue tooth with it. But I'm not sure that will work anymore anyway as I accidently sent it through with a load of laundry the other day.

Anyway, my point is that I don't have people's phone numbers in my new/old phone, so send me a text (don't forget to let me know who it's from), so that I can save your number into this phone. If you don't have my number and want it, let me know.

Job stuff

Jul. 13th, 2008 09:58 am
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So my testing day at AutoZone was this past Thursday. I had to go in and take some tests on their computer. I had to do a couple of them over again because I failed them the first time (and the second time on some of them) because I know hardly anything at all about cars/trucks. [livejournal.com profile] roses_in_may finished a couple of them for me. Ha. I asked her whether or not I was supposed to be retaining information from these tests. I am scheduled for two days this coming week, Tuiesday and Thursday. I am scheduled as driver, which basically means I'll be working for [livejournal.com profile] roses_in_may making deliveries and such. I thought it was kind of... silly... to put the girl who just moved to the area as driver since I don't have any clue where ANYTHING is but oh well. The time I'm not out driving I'll just hang out in the store, I guess. I'm not sure what to think about the job there yet. I definitely don't feel comfortable. Mostly because I feel like I have no clue what I am doing. I know I can learn but I'm still stressed and anxious about working there. I was there for 3 hours on Thursday and got paid for 8, so there's at least that. My title is parts sales manager. I don't know what that means. Ha.

On Friday I interviewed at American General Financial Service for their secretary position. I think that the interview went well. I was there for an hour and a half. I interviewed with the lady in the office I would be working most closely with if I got the position and after meeting with her, she had me meet with the head of the office and interview with him as well. It is a small office (4-5 people) and there would be days I would be there alone if I were secretary. I would mostly be maintaining databases and reports and such. All stuff that I know I could do. They have very good benefits and I know it pays more than $12/hour. And it's closer than the AutoZone job by like 10 min. I should hear from them by Wednesday.

On Tuesday at 4 p.m., a lady from The Patriot-News is calling me about a custom publications clerk position I applied for. I guess it will be like a mini-phone interview. She didn't call it that. Just said she wanted to call and talk to me for about 15 min. about the position. I almost desperately want to cling to the idea of getting that position because it's with another newspaper and I feel like that's all I know anymore.

I also still have to redo the copyediting test I took for the copyeditor position for the medical book company. I flubbed it up the first time and have to go over it a second time and resubmit it. I don't know if I'll do well enough the second time to get offered a copyediting position with the company but I am not to proud to try for it again, even if it means failure. I have to give it a go. I think working for newspapers and proofing AP Style has screwed me up for other writing styles.


Jul. 10th, 2008 07:32 am
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So, the move was chaotic. Big time. We have so much stuff. My family was a fantastic help. Unfortunately, we did have a few casualties. The serving bowl that matched my dinnerware broke during the journey and our most expensive sheets (that we were given as a wedding gift) were ripped. Also, our full couch (it's a sectional) doesn't fit into our new living room. A couple of things that were meant to go upstairs were unable to make it up the narrow, steep stairway. We had to cut our box spring in half to get it up the stairs and the dresser to our bed set is now in Andy's dad's basement (the top of the dresser with the mirror and shelves is in our basement). That big beast wasn't making it to the second floor at all. And there wasn't really a place for it up there besides. But most everything else has found a place and we managed to get most things we needed to up the stairs.

Saturday through Tuesday we spent completely exhausted and sore. Moving into the new house was challenging because we did not have nearly so much help unloading the truck as we did loading it. Thankfully [livejournal.com profile] bellasmommy stopped over to help and bring us sustenance on Saturday. Sunday we went back up to the Valley to collect a few more things and the dogs and cats. We brought them all down on Monday. They seem to be settling in well. The cats have settled in just fine and are doing dandy. Una is doing really well adjusting too. Gage is still a bit uncertain about everything but he'll get there.

My mom came down Monday through Tuesday to help us get things set up and she was a tremendous help. She and I get the kitchen cleaned and arranged. It's almost completely done. With her help we also got the living room and dining room mostly arranged. We did some cleaning in those rooms but there is a ton more to be done. The house is pretty filthy. I don't know whether it is because the people we bought it from didn't clean often or because they were smokers. Either way, there is a lot of grim.

Today is Andy's first full day back to work. He got up early this morning and left. I tried to sleep some after he left but couldn't really. Today I go in for training at AutoZone. I went to Ross yesterday and got some cheap black pants and shoes. The shoes have pink on them but I think they will be okay. I have an interview for a secretarial position in Mechanicsburg tomorrow. If they like me, I'll have to go in again next week.

There is so miuch to get done around the new house and so many things we need to get but we don't have the funds at all. The move really drained us financially.

Tomorrow is Andy's birthday.


Jul. 3rd, 2008 08:48 pm
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If everything is supposedly working out and moving forward and all that, then why am I so depressed?
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So things are going full-steam ahead with the mortgage. My mom went and signed a bunch of paperwork today and her name will be added to other paperwork. Unfortunately, she's probably going to have to go to closing with us now. That is kind of shitty because now, in addition to everything else, we have to ask her to ask for a day off work. I FEEL LIKE A SHIT. I am losing points as a daughter rapidly.

Sue, our loan officer, is saying that everything will probably be ready by closing. The only damn thing I have to say about that is that it better fucking be ready or she had better leave the country if she entertains any dreams of escaping my rage. FUCKING HOMICIDE IS WHAT I AM GETTING AT.

The ancient furnace was inspected today and it's completely inefficient. It might be a miracle that it actually produces heat. The inspector/service man said that he expects it would use probably a gallon of heating oil an hour. LOLOLOLOL. GREAT. FUCK I WANT TO STAB MYSELF IN THE EYE. But I guess the sellers are apparently very willing to work with us on getting a new furnace installed. You bet your ass, they are. They are closing on 4 properties on the 30th, one of them being their new home. They might be in something of a tight spot. So yeah. Andy thinks we should ask them to go halfsies (halvsies?) but I don't know. I want them to pay as much as possible, of course. We'll have to pay at least $500, as that was what we marked for a deductible if there was work that needed to be done. Andy called Budd and Budd said that if it was available, we should get a natural gas furnace installed. Under the list of things we can't afford: A NEW FURNACE.

I am going to go slam my head in the cupboard door about a million times now. Someone bring me some wine.

ETA: I guess we're going to ask the sellers for $2,500 at closing, in addition to the seller's help we've already agreed to, to go towards a new natural gas furnace.

Kerrs Ave.

May. 9th, 2008 05:55 pm
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They verbally accepted our offer!

Tomorrow Bill will take our original offer with a letter from our mortgage lady, Sue, stating what we've been approved for to the seller's and their realtor. They will then reject that offer, counter offer with the offer we've agreed upon and then Bill will overnight the papers to me to sign. I'll then sign/initial where necessary and then overnight them back to Bill. Once I do that, Andy will go to Bill's office and sign/initial the papers. So we're not out of the woods yet but we're nearing the clearing.


May. 7th, 2008 09:03 pm
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Shipping is $2.50 in the U.S., $3.00 elsewhere. I accept Paypal only. Throwing in a few extra cents in for Paypal fees is appreciated but not required.

Extra goodies will be included.

Imps: $2 each
White Rabbit (top of label)
#20 Love Oil (just under the top of the label)
Jazz Funeral (just under the top of the label))
Black Forest (75% full)
New Orleans (just under the top of the label)
Caliban (just under the top of the label)
Pontarlier (just under the top of the label)
Twenty One (75% full)
Uruk (75% full)
Fire of Love (75% full)
Love Me (70% full)

LE: $3
Hungry Ghost Moon (nearly full, handmade label)

Discontinued: $4
Gamiliel (75% full)

5 ml:
Poisson d'Avril (LE April Fools 2007, full to just above the label), $12
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So I went to the realtor's office tonight. She called me this afternoon to let me know that she couldn't be there but that another agent was going to be there to go through faxing everything to Andy to sign and initial. However, we still hadn't talked price. I mentioned that to the agent who was helping me and so he called Eileen on her cell. I talked to her for a moment and she said she hadn't had a chance to pull a list of comparables but she was thinking we might list at $68,500. I froze. Obviously that is less than what we were hoping to get espeically considering she gets a 6% commission. I didn't know what to do, especailly without Andy there to chime in, so I didn't sign anything and we didn't fax anything to Andy and she is going to call Andy tonight to talk about pricing.

And Bill just called wanting to set up a conference call for 7:30 p.m. tonight. I don't know why. I didn't ask. He didn't sound happy. Andy things the seller's refused our offer but made a counter offer.

I don't know what to think. Or feel.

ETA: Bill just wanted to let us know he had met with the seller's realtor. She told him that they need to walk away with 80K from this house. He was expecting to hear from her before our call but hadn't. He expects to hear from them tomorrow.
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Today [livejournal.com profile] bellasmommy went to look at a house in Carlisle for us. She met the realtor, got the low down and took lots of pictures. She's a peach and we are super grateful to her. We're fairly interested in the house. It needs a lot of loving but it doesn't look like it needs anything super intensive. So we're going to go down tomorrow night after the play and tour that house, along with five others, on Monday. If you want to see the pictures, they are here. Budd thinks that this house would be too much work and is more interested in some of the others we're going to see.

I feel like everything is moving so fast. It feels a little crazy and out of control.

I also got an email from a lead recruiter for one of the jobs I applied to. They said I had a solid background and they were forwarding my application on.

[livejournal.com profile] colleend came over on Friday night for a tour of our place. We've got to get on the move with selling it. We're going to list it with an agent soon because we just have to get the gears turning on everything if we're going to move before August.

Holy crap for crap. This is exciting and scary and crazy.
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For shits and giggles, I've decided to hold an auction today of things that I've made for darkeningstar.com that haven't sold yet. I don't expect to make much money off of them but even if I made just a little and was able to clear some space out in our house... that would be good.

I will place photos, descriptions and shipping costs of the items I am auctioning in the comments of this post. If you'd like to make a bid, simply comment to that comment with your offer. The auction will be open until midnight tonight (eastern time). I will unlock this post so that any of you that are so kind and willing might direct your friends here.

Please bid in at least 25 cent increments.

Thanks. Happy Bidding!

(P.S. Buy my shit!)

ETA: 1 p.m. - 11 hours left!
WTA 2: 8 p.m. - 4 hours left!
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Are any of you getting married or know someone getting married? Or do you need some jewelry for a special occasion of another sort?

I made this necklace and earring set a while ago. But it has not sold. I would really like to get it to someone who could use it.

All pieces were created with all sterling silver metal components, Swarovski crystals and real pearls (dyed and natural). The photos as a rule don't do these pieces justice. The pearls shine with a creamy glow and the crystals give off brilliant sparks of light. They're beautiful. The earrings dangle 1 and 3/4 inches from the earwires and the necklace measures approximately 15 inches. Original price was $95. I'm willing to sell it for $70 now.

Are you interested? Do you know someone who might be interested? Please pass the information along.


Mar. 28th, 2008 11:32 am
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~ My knees hurt. I am not pleased.

~ I am done with work for the day in half an hour.

~ We're driving to York Haven this afternoon.


~ We're visiting Penn State University Dickinson School of Law tomorrow.

~ I hope opening night for the play goes well tonight.

~ I need to learn my lines for Act 2.

~ I am hungry.

~ I want to get my tattoo touched up before we go to California.

~ I still want to get a tattoo while in California but can't come up with any ideas that aren't large.

~ My nostril stud came out sometime during the night last night.

~ We pre-registered for Pennsic Wednesday night. We're going for longer than a week this year.

~ I need to get work done so I can leave.


Mar. 7th, 2008 12:34 pm
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Andy just got into an accident while driving home.

The part of Ohio that he is driving through right now is experiencing heavy snowfall. The vehicle in front of him slammed on their brakes, forcing him to slam on his and he lost control of the truck because of the weather and hit a concrete barrier. He's fine. The truck is a little worse for the wear but is driveable. It could have been worse. I just want him to make it home.

ETA: We think Andy's truck might be having a brake issue, which could have contributed to the accident. Also, his heater just stopped working. WTF.

ETA 2: He's home. We're off to Philly.
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... a secret, a confession, a fear, a love - absolutely anything at all. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice if you'd like, or however many times you want.
Then put this in your LJ to see what your friends, and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your LJ, have to say.

This post is public, so you can post anonymously. Comments aren't screened, by the way; it's much more entertaining for everyone if the comments are visible to all (although I do reserve the right to screen individual comments for various reasons).


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