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Project Puppy Love is a way for dogs and their owners to help other animals who have, unfortunately, not yet found their forever homes. The project is just starting up and will continue throughout the 2006 holiday season. If the project is successful, I plan on making it a year-round venture.

The idea behind the project is really simple. Warm dogs, warm hearts. Buy doggie coats from Project Puppy Love at $20 a piece and 50% of the cost of each coat will be donated to a local animal shelter. The coats are handmade, by me, from a pattern I drafted but they are very similar to other patterns you'll find out there. Currently we offer two styles. I am hoping to offer additional styles in the future.

The two main local shelters Project Puppy Love will be donating to at this point are:
Stray Haven Humane Society
Bradford County Humane Society

A third local shelter that I plan to donate to in the future is:
Happy Tails No-Kill Animal Shelter

The donations to these shelters will be accompanied by a letter describing the project and how it works. I would love if, in addition to the letter, I could accompany the donation with photos of owners with their dogs wearing the Project Puppy Love coats, so that the people at the shelters can see the people and pets that are supporting and loving the animals that are in their care. So, if you order a coat, please e-mail a picture of your wonderful dog wearing his coat. You can e-mail me at darkeningstar @ gmail. com.

When ordering a coat, please include your dog's chest measurement (around their torso, directly behind their front legs), their neck measurement and note the breed of dog. If the dog is particularly long or broadchested, let me know. Please also note what kind of fabric and fabric pattern/color, whether general or specific. Keep in mind that if you want a specific fabric and pattern, I may not be able to find it or may not be able to find it at a price that is reasonable for Project Puppy Love. I recommend fleece or flannel for the coats if they are to be a winter coat for a short-haired dog. (Fleeces that I know are available are: solid colors, cartoon characters (Snoopy, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse) and football teams.)

Shipping for each coat order is $3.

Currently, I will accept Paypal and money orders. Send Paypal payments to darkeningstar @ gmail. com.

Click here to see the current styles offered. )

Please spread the word. Repost it in my journals and/or your communities. Pass the word on to your friends who might be interested. Link back to this post. Feel free to use the banner. Think of the good you'll be doing, the animals you'll be helping. Thank you.


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