Apr. 27th, 2017 02:50 pm
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Have any of you ever used PODS (or something similar) to move?

I don't think we can afford an official moving company where they come and do everything but something like PODS where they drop off the containers, you fill them, and then they pick them up and haul them seems more affordable or more our speed. Otherwise, we're likely doing everything ourselves and that sounds so, so, so stressful. We've done it a few times but never with kids. The kids add a whole new element. Plus, we're going much further this time and I can't ride for any longer than an hour, so I'm like the worst person to have on trips like that, particularly if you have to make multiple trips. The kids and I will make the trip once and whatever else has to happen... well, we'll figure it out.

We've been looking at houses online. We have to get the official offer from the job and then I guess we can apply for a mortgage. I am kind of nervous to be buying a house again. It's the best bet looking at mortgage costs vs. rent and we do plan on staying indefinitely but... after everything that happened in Carlisle... I am so scarred.

But so far things have been going well and all lights are green and things seem to be happening in our favor, so I am going to just roll with it!
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So... they offered Andy the job! In Scranton. Where we have been trying to get to for... years. And he finally got a job offer. It's almost unbelievable.

He got the soft offer the Monday after the interview. He had another interview for the state (so could potentially get contacted by other state agencies at any time) and then a meeting with the Dept. of Labor and Industry chief counsel, at which point they essentially made the hard offer. He doesn't have anything in writing yet but the chief counsel was talking about when Andy would start and wanting to send him to a conference, so... they're pretty much planning on him it seems like!

It's going to be a pay cut. A pretty significant one. And by that I mean, huge. But the cost of living will be lower and even though things will probably be pretty tight, we think it's going to be worth it. Worth it to get back to PA. Worth it to be back to a more rural area. Worth it to be closer to family. In a better school district.

The insurance is... complicated. Much like this interview process has been. But he'd start with 14 days vacation, which is better than we thought at first, and he's going to negotiate to see if he can get a better salary or a review for salary increase after a few months. Basically just to see if we can make the deal better for us since we're losing salary AND needing to relocate.

We're thinking we'd like to buy a house. That would probably be best for us financially when looking at house prices vs. renting but we'll have to see how all of that plays out.

But... yeah... looks like we should start packing!
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Landlord came by today and can you all guess what he fixed, kiddies? That's right... nothing. I mean, he made minor attempts but nothing is done, except that he took all of the glass hangy dealies off the chandelier in the living room. Who puts a chandelier in the living room anyway? I guess he's going to come back at some point and put in a new ceiling fixture and hope that fixes the problem.

As for the microwave, which is of the over-the-stove variety, he does not want to replace that. He's planning on taking it out and putting in a hood vent. Now, obviously landlords aren't obligated to provide a microwave, so there isn't much we can do about that and we do have a microwave stored in the basement from when we moved in. Thank goodness for that. However, we have almost zero counter space in the kitchen and slamming a microwave up there is going to make food preparation fucking ridiculous.

He also let us know that he wants to sell the house... He said probably next year. (I don't know why not this year.) He was trying to sell it before we moved in and settled on renting it because he wasn't able to get out of it what he wanted. Maybe it will work out for him this time? I don't know. I know I wouldn't buy this house. But that's just me.

But that's not our problem and hopefully we'll be moving soon! We're operating off of that hope and are going to be planning to move. I don't know when it will happen but we're going to start packing up the non-necessary items now and donating those things that we don't love enough to move. We figure it's best to be prepared and work towards that goal!
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- the ceiling light in the living room
- the microwave
- the water dispenser in the door of the fridge
- the ice maker in the freezer

Oh, and there is still a hole in the basement wall from when the basement flooded 2+ years ago and caused mold in the wall.

Our landlord is coming over tomorrow at noon. We'll see what he fixes. I'm going to guess... not much.

So annoying but we're month to month here now, so we're just riding it out until we're able to make a move. Not sure when that will be but we don't want to move multiple times or get caught up in another lease. Definitely not feeling the love for this house though.

Today I shampooed the steps down into the basement (Why, oh why are they carpeted when the basement is tiled and the area in front of the basement door is hardwood?) They were looking terrible because Benny loves to barf on the stairs. He's the sweetest. It was a pain to do but they look a ton better. Not perfect but way, way better.
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When we went away on our weekend getaway, the lady that did my facial recommended that I exfoliate more to help even out my skin tone/get rid of spots left my acne. I came home and ordered a scrub off Amazon. I'm not loving it. It's great on the body (my bum feels lovely - ha!) but it's way to aggressive for the face.

Who has an exfoliating facial scrub that they love? Do share!


Apr. 13th, 2017 09:37 am
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It's interview day!

I am so stinking nervous! I think the likelihood that he gets an offer is pretty high but I am nervous about what they might offer him salary-wise. Please let it be enough!
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So, I'm here now. Where ever here is. I have no idea how DW works or what I am doing but I'll figure it out.

Last week we combined the kids' rooms. We moved Toby's crib, dresser, and glder into Emma's room and moved all the toys and books into Toby's room, which is now the playroom. In general, I am loving the change. The kids share a room much better than I ever expected (we found this out at Christmas time). Sometimes they get into shenanigans (limited because Toby is still in a crib) but for the most part the go to sleep nicely and sleep really well. And it has made bedtime so much easier! Bedtime is pretty enjoyable now and Andy and I take turns doing it. The playroom has come together fairly well. I moved Emme's big bookshelf into there, along with the play kitchen, small bookshelf, hamper full of dress up stuff, and the toy shelf from downstairs. My living room is no longer toy haven! I love that most of all. There is still a queen bed in the playroom and we're going to eventually get that out of there but when depends on a couple things, mainly the results of Andy's interview tomorrow!

Andy has an interview tomorrow in PA! So, that stupid captka interview for the State of Pennsylvania actually paid off! One of the people at the interview was with the Board of Labor and Industry. She is bypassing the second interview and called Andy to offer him an interview for the a position Board of Labor and Industry in Scranton! We are very hopeful for this interview. Obviously, they must like him a good deal to have him bypass that second interview (which he could still get a call for, regarding other PA positions), so that's good. Scranton is one of the places we have really been trying to get to because of it's proximity to family and friends. We're trying not to get our hopes up to much because we don't know what will happen but this is the opportunity that we have been waiting for. Please cross your fingers and pray for us that this works out, that he get s a job offer, and that it's a decent, livavle wage that we can work with. I am so nervous for him and for us!
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Okay, so here is the first batch of stuff I have culled from my closet that is fit for resale.

Let me know if you're interested in anything and I will snap a photo for you. Feel free to make an offer!

- Sterling silver sun pendent (small) on an 18 inch chain
- White fan/shell earrings
- Pink rose earrings
- Clear, red and blue crystaled "silver" Playboy Bunny necklace (ball chain)
- Clear crystal (with blue crystal eye) "silver" Playboy Bunny earrings (never worn)
- "Silver" chain with sun charm and moon and star charm
- "Gold" dangle sun earrings
- "Silver" dot earrings
- Small gold shell earrings
- Small gold knot earrings

These next 2 would be good for a young girl, if you have a daughter or niece.
- mouse and mousetrap earrings (one side is the mouse and one side is the mousetrap)
- dalmatian and bone earrings (dalmatian on one side and bone on the other)

- Faded Glory, hot pink, turtle/cowl neck sweater, size M (worn 2-3 times)
- Tapemeasure, cream, lace-weight, hooded, v-neck sweater, small pockets on front, size L

- Liz&Co., petite, stretch, dark wash, classic jean, size 8 (tags on)

- U.S. Polo Assn., red sweatpants with gold stripe down the outside of either leg, number 3 on left hip, size L

- Gap khaki cargo capris, size 10
- George, bright green, blue and white striped capris, size 8, stretch
- Mudd jean capris, size 9, stretch (fit small)
- The Limited, Drew Fit, chocolate brown corduroy capris, wide legged, cuffed, size 6, fit large (worn 2-3 times)

- l.e.i. jean shorts, button and drawstring, size 7

- I.C.E minty green with flower pattern cowl tank, gauzy/flowy, size M
- Victoria Secret - Moda International, crimson tank, spaghetti straps, lace/chiffon details, size S (never worn)
- a.n.a. dark paisley print tank, brown, red, teal, green, black, pleating detail, gauzy/flowy, size S, fits like a M or L (never worn)
- Attention lined linen "jacket" (not heavy), denim colored, short sleeved, button front with tie at waist, cute pocket and button details, size 10 (tags on)

- Jordan, light pink, cocktail length bridesmaids dress (could be worn for any fancy occasion) can be worn with spaghetti straps or strapless, beading under bust, chiffon overlay, ruffled hemline, chiffon scarf, size 10 (never worn, tags on, originally $140)
- Dark blue "velvet" floor length dress, slits in both sides, glitter flower pattern along hemline and up to approximately knee height, spaghetti straps, form fitting, tags have been removed but I would guess it's about a size 8
- Alyn Paige black, floor length dress, spaghetti straps, flower embroidery in black and gray along left-hand side from bust to waist, chiffon overlay, somewhat form fitting, chiffon scarf, size 5/6 (worn 4-6 times)

Let me know if you have any questions or want to know more about anything!

Oh and I unlocked this post in case you know someone that might be interested.
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Toady is the last day to get free shipping (for you or people on your FL) on any order from my etsy.

In addition, TODAY ONLY, I will be giving a 15% discount on all orders!

There is still a lot of great stuff available!  At least I think the stuff is pretty great!  For example, this dark purple scarflette with flower pin, this lovely charcoal gray scarflette, these pearl and crystal earrings, this monkey print dog collar, and this pearl and crystal bracelet.

ETA:  Use coupon code 15OFF to get 15% off your order and use coupon code SHIPFREE to receive free shipping!



Feb. 7th, 2011 07:12 pm
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I was thinking that for the month of February, I would offer my LJ friends free shipping on any purchases from my etsy shop. Just mention your LJ name in the comments of your order. (AND free shipping on any commissions.)

I was thinking that I might also include a little surprise. :)

And and and if anyone from YOUR FL places an order, I'll give them free shipping too. Just have them mention their LJ name and yors in the comments of the order. (Thogh only my friends get little surprises.)

So... anyway... free shipping on my etsy for all my lovelies (that's you guys!) all month!
Feel free to cross-post and/or link my pics.
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Okay, because I had so many people on my friends list express interest - I'm totally going to make more dog collars!

Because you all have been so complimentary, I am willing to make each of these first collars a custom job - so that means you get to let me know what color and/or pattern you're interested in for your pup! Examples: bright pink, floral pattern; dark blue, star pattern; green, leaf pattern; red plaid. (Don't make it too hard for me though!) Right now I know I can find dog-themed fabrics (bone patterns, etc.) at Jo-ann. I know there are also holiday-themed fabrics, retro-patterned fabrics, and cutesy fabrics like cupcakes and cherries. Give me a first choice and second choice, just in case.

Here is what I have come up with!
Small - $12
approximately 7-11 inches long
3/4 in. wide

Medium - $14
approximately 10-15 inches long
1 in. wide

Large - $16
approximately 15-24 inches long
1 in. wide
(This is what Gage and Una were wearing.)

Extra-large - $18
approximately 19-30 inches long
1 1/2 in. wide

Black buckles, cast nickle D-ring.

If you need a size other than what is listed, let me know and I will see what I can do.

I will probably end up listing collars a little bit higher on my etsy, particularly for custom collars, but I wanted to give a bit of a discount to my first dog-collar customers. :)

Once I finish your pooch's collar, I'll list it on my etsy, reserved under your name and send you the link.

And now... time to work on some baby quilts.
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Friendapalooza was super fun yesterday! We went to Dave and Budter's in Bethesda, MD, for a meeting of LJ minds for [ profile] bellasmommy's birthday and it was super fun! I met [ profile] buzzandbullies! Yay! She awesome and so super nice. She brought me toys for Gage and Una in a reusable shopping bag! How great is that?! I couldn't believe it. What a sweetheart. And now I can cross that off my Mission 101 list! (Or at least partially cross it off, as my actual mission is to meet 2 of my LJ friends, if someone else from the Friendapalooza friended me then I could cross off the whole mission!)

There were quite a few people there, most of them not on my FL but many of whom I have seen here on good ol' LJ. We wore nametags. LOL

And I took pictures!



Nov. 2nd, 2008 05:57 pm
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I finally got our books up on our bookshelves. We still need more shelves but they are mostly all up there in some manner. There are still a couple of boxes of less important books that there aren't room for but oh well.

We have a very eclectic assortment of books.

A sample of our more unusual titles - " The Nympho and Other Maniacs," "Caesar and Christ," "The Laws of the Salian Franks," "Maritime New York in 19th Century Photographs," "No Bone Unturned," "The Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare," "Songs of Innocense and Experience," "Don't Count that Chicken 'til Your Fingers Need Lickin'," The Male Experience," "The Second Sex," "The Wisdom of Desmond Tutu" and "Who Moved My Cheese?"

In organizing our books, I also came across some that we had duplicates of or that we weren't that interested in keeping. Below the cut is the list of those such books, if you're interested in one of them, make an offer! They are all used but in decent condition. I can't imagine that shipping on them would be more than $2.

List of books for sale! )
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Yesterday morning Andy and I got up and went to the Corn Festival in Shippensburg. Our main objective was to obtain a gift to give to my parents to thank them for all the help they gave us with the house and the move. The corn festival was huge. It would have been nice if we had had more than a couple of hours to walk around and see it but we had to be back home before my mom and Budd arrived at 1 p.m. We ate some food at the festival and also purchase a cute framed embroidered piece to give to my parents. I forgot to take a picture of it but it had a sweet saying about family on it surrounding a heart.

In addition to the gift for my parents, we got new, handmade collars for Gage and Una. Until now Andy has made all of Gage and Una's collars our of leather (and from now on since I have one to look at and follow, I could make any number of collars for them from fabric) and we wouldn't normally look at buying a collar but there was one done in Penn State fabric that Andy really wanted to get one for Gage. And since he was getting one, Una needed to get one too, of course! Una's has polka dots, bones and hearts on it. They are ridiculously cute.

Want to see? Pictures of Gage and Una sporting their new gear under the cut. (And some photos of Benny for good measure.) )

Shortly after we returned from the festival, mom and Budd arrived. We gave Budd the tour and he was very complimentary about the house! Whew! I was nervous that he was going to find things to hate about it and would tell us we were idiots. (He doesn't hold back.) But he said that he really liked it, thought it just needed some painting to make it look really good and said we made a good decision! Yay for parental approval! Ha. Andy, mom and I walked down to the Appalachian Whole Foods Market (which I wrote about in my 'In shades of green' blog). Andy wanted to get some soy ice cream and I wanted to get some new natural skin care products. Mission accomplished. I also got a Thai Deodorant Stone to try. I am excited about that. Anyway, that's all in the blog if you're interested in my search for natural skin care/hair care products and such. We watched most of the movie "Swordfish," and then walked down to Market Cross Pub and Brewery for dinner. It was delicious. We all sampled some of their brews, including a hard cider and three beers. The cider was good but I wasn't a fan of the beers. And the food was just excellent. We had a great meal and our waitress was very nice. After dinner, we came back to the house and watched "Juno."

This morning we made breakfast together and just spent some time together before my parents had to go. We had a really nice visit with them. I am glad that they were able to come down. It was fantastic.

Andy and I plan to just take it easy for the rest of the day. We have no plans. Tomorrow we're going to hit Lowe's to get fencing for the backyard (finally) and also go to PetSmart to get new tags for the dogs and cats.

This weekend has been really relaxed and great. I am so glad I don't have to go in to AutoZone until Wednesday! I have an interview at Gannett Fleming on Tuesday for the technical editing position they called me about. I believe in addition to speaking with them, they'll have me complete some tasks to show my skills. I still haven't heard back about the marketing coordinator position even though they said that they would let us know by this Friday that just passed. I still want that job pretty badly.

I took some photos of the mess Gage made of his kennel yesterday.

Check it out. )
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My allergies are killing me tonight. I keep sneezing and blowing my nose. Hate.

Last night I finished washing down the walls of the living room with a half and half warm water and vinegar mix. I don't know whether or not it worked better than, worse than or the same as a commercail cleaner like Mr. Clean. Part of that problem is, I think, that the 3 walls that are painted with a matte paint, which doesn't wash well as you can just scrub the paint right off (gloss, satin, semi-gloss paints are much easier to clean). The wallpaper on the accent wall is in decent condition. The border around the top of the room is in decent condition. It looks good from the floor but up close you can see that it is pulling away from the wall a little. That is fine by me as, ideally, I'd like to remove the border. But I would like to remove the border without removing the wallpaper. The wallpaper seems much sturdier than the border, so it might be possible. If not and I have to take down the wallpaper, I will and I won't be too upset. The other three walls need to be primed (because the former tenants were smokers and I don't want any remaining grime coming through the new paint) and then painted. The trim should also be painted but there are a lot of layers of paint on the trim around the floor. It might need to be stripped and then painted. I don't know how much work that is though. My mom says that there are so many layers of paint on there that just adding another layer won't make it look any better. I am thinking I would like to paint the walls a cream (as the wallpaper on the accent wall is deep jewel tones, so it needs to be something bright and clean to offset that and not clash with the wallpaper or stained glass windows), so I suppose that the trim should also be cream. Though I think trim is generally painted an enamel. Though Andy shampooed the carpets before we moveed in the carpet in the living room is pretty dirty. I think if I get down on my hands and knees and physically scrub the crap out of it, I might be able to make it look nicer and not so grimy. Anyway, as I have straightened up and vacuumed tonight the living room, it is almost ready for my parent's to come this weekend.

Both bathrooms are also ready.

There is nothing good to say about work so I won't say much. The dread I feel each night for the next day's work is increasing and the anxiety I feel while at work is also increasing. I am not happy there. I am trying not to focus on it but I spend 10 hours of every weekday on my way to or from or at or around work. It's a huge part of my current existence. I haven't been sleeping very well. I am exhausted. I am waiting anxiously to hear from Gannett Fleming. I am so scared I won't get the job.

Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions as to where we could find window treatments. We needed curtains or shades for the guest bedroom as my parents are coming down this weekend and currently the windows are bare. I don't figure either mom or Budd wants to disrobe in front of the whole neighborhood. The window in that room is a bay window, so whatever we looked at for it, we needed three of. We checked out Walmart, Kmart. Target., Ross and TJMaxx but to no avail. We could not find anything we liked in the right size and colors for a price we could afford. We ended up ordering fabric shades from the JCPenney website summer clearance. These shades in particular in linen (which is pictured) for the guest room. I chose such a neutral shade as that room has a bright red carpet. The walls in there desperately need to be painted as they are a mess (the former owners pulled down wallpaper and then... stopped there... I think we're also going to paint the guest room a cream or an ivory as the carpet is red... I don't know what else would not either clash or be overwhelming) but that will have to wait. We also bought those shades in sage for doors in the mud room/laundry room. The price for those 5 curtains even with express shipping (which was expensive as all get out) was cheaper than the cotton tie-up shades at Walmart that only come in primary colors or neutrals. Check out the outlet at if you need curtains they have some really nice ones for great prices!

Andy's first days of law school have gone well. He's enthused and working hard already. I know he's going to do great.

EDIT: I just opened a $222.36 refund check from our former cable company! Woo! Holy crap, that is so needed right now. I am stupidly excited and delighted by this.
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This evening my grandma was out walking her and my grandpa's dog, Want, when another dog attacked Want. Want did not survive. My poor grandma watched as another dog grabbed her little dog, threw him into the air and grabbed him again. And now Want is gone.

I can't even believe that it happened. It's horrifying. I just keep thinking about how scared and in pain Want must have been and how terrified my grandma must have been.

My poor grandma is extremely distressed. My mom called me crying.

Want was just a little white Maltese. Maybe 7 lbs. He was so sweet tempered and was the perfect dog for my grandparents. He looked like a live little teddy-bear and was always happy to see me. My grandparents spoiled him so much because they loved him. He was my grandma's birthday present to my grandpa about 6 years ago. Just this past weekend, he was at our family reunions and I held him in my arms, cradled against me, multiple times. I never would have thought it would be the last time I would do so.
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Not being able to find my suit pants really inhibits the hemming and wearing of said pants.

ETA: Found them!
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I checked out the Verizon website today to see if there were any specials on the phones I am interested in and I ended up order an EnV2 because it only ended up being $29.99 out of pocket. I can't wait to get it. So send me your phone numbers!

Last night Andy and I went to meet some of his new classmates. That was nice. We walked to the one girl's apartment and spent a few hours talking with 6 other law students. It started storming while we were there and we walked back home in a light mist of rain. It was nice but I was really tired by the time we got home, as it was about 10:30 p.m.. Andy is going out to meet them all again tonight at a local bar. I opted not to go because I have to get ready for the interview tomorrow.

As to the interview, I am going to make sure my portfolio is in order, look up directions (ETA: OKAY, GET THIS, THE GANNETT FLEMING OFFICE IS RIGHT NEXT TO HOLY SPIRIT HOSPITAL. SHEESH), hem my suit pants, compare my experience with their requirements and write down a few questions to ask my interviewers. Any suggestions as to questions I should ask or anything else I should do to prepare?

I have tomorrow off from AutoZone, so that's nice. After the interview, we are heading home. I am excited. I hope it goes well tomorrow.
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I received a call this afternoon from Gannett Fleming asking me if I would like to come in to interview for the marketing cordinator position that I spoke to them about last Thursday. I, of course, said, "Definitely!" So I have an interview at 1:30 p.m. on Friday at the firm.

The job advertisement reads as such:

Marketing Coordinator - (NV10510)
Job Type: Salaried
Requisition Number: NV10510
Location: Camp Hill, PA
Last Updated: 07/29/2008

Job Description:

Gannett Fleming Inc. is an international planning, design, and construction management firm providing quality, full-service, multidisciplinary engineering services in the U.S. and abroad since 1915.

The Environmental Resources Division in our Camp Hill office is seeking highly-motivated Marketing Coordinator for our growing solutions-oriented group. If you are looking for new and challenging ways to apply the latest technology come join our team of engineers, scientists, and analysts servicing a variety of Practices. Our team members have the opportunity to be involved in multi-discipline projects while developing diverse skill sets working with our company's engineering experts. Consider joining our team and contributing to our on-going success while setting the pace of your career.

Duties/Responsibilities may include the following:

-General qualifications creation and updates
-Service sheet creation and updates
-Brochure creation and updates
- Advertising
- Marketing materials database
- Marketing research
- Marketing Plan assistance
- Award submissions
- Website updates
- Intranet site updates
- Client contact database
- Conference and/or trade show attendance


- BA/BS in Marketing, Communications or related field
- Five or more years experience, preferably with an A/E firm.

In addition to excellent salary and benefits, Gannett Fleming, Inc. offers the opportunity to work with a nationally-ranked engineering firm in a highly professional environment.

While speaking to me, Nancy said that in addition to hiring a marketing cordinator, the Environmental Department will also be hiring a proposal cordinator. Now the job I originally applied for was proposal cordinator for a different department, so they thought they would speak to me about the Environmental Department proposal cordinator position when I came in, in addition to speaking with me about the marketing position. So two possible positions with one company! I am keeping my fingers crossed tight. The proposal cordinator position isn't listed on their site.

I also heard back from Portrait Innovations, which whom I applied for a photography position. But I can't tell if I think they are legit or not. There seems to be something hinky about them. I applied to their job posting on Sunday and they emailed me back yesterday to give me more information about what they are looking for and to invite me to contact them for further information and a possible interview if I am still interested. Their email is a form letter and very much comes across as a sales pitch.

Regardless, I applied to PetSmart tonight (as a pet training instructor).


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