Apr. 18th, 2017

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- the ceiling light in the living room
- the microwave
- the water dispenser in the door of the fridge
- the ice maker in the freezer

Oh, and there is still a hole in the basement wall from when the basement flooded 2+ years ago and caused mold in the wall.

Our landlord is coming over tomorrow at noon. We'll see what he fixes. I'm going to guess... not much.

So annoying but we're month to month here now, so we're just riding it out until we're able to make a move. Not sure when that will be but we don't want to move multiple times or get caught up in another lease. Definitely not feeling the love for this house though.

Today I shampooed the steps down into the basement (Why, oh why are they carpeted when the basement is tiled and the area in front of the basement door is hardwood?) They were looking terrible because Benny loves to barf on the stairs. He's the sweetest. It was a pain to do but they look a ton better. Not perfect but way, way better.


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